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Sat, Jan. 8th, 2011, 10:03 am
beyond just a new year's resolutionbbbb

So since 11/07/2010 i've been watching my caloric intake and working out (more recently than before, Platinum Fitness is only 10/mon no contract) and I weighed myself in november at 260.8 lbs. Yesterday I checked it and i'm down to 242.0 lb. Thanks to those who've encouraged me, and I will continue to seek a better healthier weight. Short term Goal: 220 lb LT Goal: 200... :D

220 short term as in 2-3 months and 40 as in 6-9 months because if i lost 40 lbs in a month i'd fear i'm dying :P anywho.

♥ all and keep me motivated! i love ellipticals. very low impact cardio. If you'd like any information regarding how I'm doing it, hit me up. It just takes reading labels, continuously writing it down (marble notebooks help) and having some will power. Cardio too!

also sidenote in the kinky realm i have a bit of a resolution to paw less and be a lil more sissy *blushes* just sayin...

anywho! *waggles playfully*

Sun, Oct. 24th, 2010, 12:10 pm


*dances* BABY MONKEY!!!! BABY MONKEY! riding backwards on a pig Baby Monkey!

that is all

Works going well, I'm now with Ersis (2 weeks today) and all that fun stuff!

Sat, Sep. 25th, 2010, 11:37 am
Puppy Update

so ive been relatively busy the last few weeks! but a good type of busy. teaching is going very well. the students seem to respect me and like me.

some think i'm Hawaiian again but i told them im not. hehe thats so funny. they said im mad chill too so thats a good thing.

its a day by day and i already have a bunch of stories hehe. i enjoy it. so far so good.

other than that im an early bird so night meets are hard for me to get to and home. ive fallen asleep in front of the tv at 930p 3 times this week.... :P tho i do want to get back to going to meets!!

other than that MFF is a maybe, idk yet. i dont really have a good off schedule. my next non holiday break is in feb then in like april for spring break.

we'll see what comes of it! i hope to go. ALSO i miss :icontheleo: if you know him and want to get in touch with him via letters then hit me up so i can give you his address. dont send photographs just hand written letters.

thats all for now


Mon, Aug. 23rd, 2010, 08:33 pm
a week from tonight...

... will be my last night of summer. I will have work at 8am the next day, and will be getting ready to teach that week or the following week. im psyched, im nervous, im happy, im worried.... lots of emotion.

just gonna veg out this week


Wed, Aug. 4th, 2010, 11:58 am
A year ago today...

So a year ago today, on a Tuesday last year, Ethan and I broke up and I moved out. It's been a hell of a 365 days. Overall it taught me that I don't need another person around to make me feel strong. I can depend on myself and my family, as was the original plan. And I'm not badmouthing E. I still love him as a friend and care a great deal for him.

i learned a lot from the time apart though. I learned to love myself again, and be closer in touch with those whom share a vast majority of interests, not a select few. Also I can truly say I'm shameless now. It's not that I don't care what people think, like others tend to claim.. I value others' input but i'm not about to change who i am to fulfill their needs. it's more along the lines of that I've humbled myself and one's opinion on how i act or how i look doesn't effect me as much as it would have. Its definitely because a number of friends and acquaintances say that I am good. *waggles a bit, without realizing it* A good friend, a good listener, a good secret keeper, a sweetheart, and "good peeps" depending on who you ask.
I values other opinions and don't believe in "keeping one's opinion to oneself" but people have to learn to think before they say anything. Their opinion may come out wrong and they may totally disregard certain factors, and/or relay the wrong message. just saying.

The furry world is filled with fickle individuals, so lately i've been very careful who i speak to, or trust. I've made very strong friends and steered clear of drama-centric (hehe that word should be added to the WikiFur database) individuals. I could care less who said what to whom and who did what to whom for the most part. let the past be past. let your life steer away from grudges and scorn. one can not live with that in one's heart.

I think the year coming will be great. I will be doing something I love, teaching, and will be able to focus on myself more. This isnt to say i'm not looking for a bf. I am, but as work will be trying and complicated, I must stay focused on that. I should be able to juggle the both considering my work day will be done by 3 or 4p most days.

I cant wait to get started on the 31st! Oh man... :)

Here's to... ME!
Maxxy Puppy

OH ps today i got my puppy mitts back from JT stockroom. they fixxed the rivets. I'm happy.

Sun, Jul. 11th, 2010, 01:13 pm
I gave in...

I has a twitter now. maxxypuppy on there...

I was missing out on furiend's lives and meet info so i figured i should join...

Follow me, ill follow you. we'll be like an infinite baby duck loop:


hehe silly baby ducks...


Sun, Jun. 20th, 2010, 11:34 pm
Awesome day!

If anybody truly knows me they know that i fancy being the center of attention then and again, briefly or otherwise... Well today was no exception. I pup played for 5 straight hours at Folsom East today.

I thank all those who were able to attend and make the day special for me! Sox, Ersis, Ethan & Aiden, Rex & Nitegaze, Sox, Miko Kiba & their master, Apollo Pup (from pz), Lucas and the gang, SCOTTY! I miss scotty.... Ummmm people i met at paddles....

so cool! ejoyed ur company!!! 5 hours of pup play is so fun... but its bedtime cuz its also so exhausting... hehehe bedtime for this puppy...

*tail waggles* So much fun. i was adored almost completely at this thing. That's the fun part of kinky street fairs, no one has the right to judge cuz they're into something different too! hehe

gonna rest my voice from all the barkin...


Sun, Jun. 6th, 2010, 07:38 pm
Room For AC Available!

I am gonna be with a friend at AC and we have 3 more slots for a room at the Westin!

Let your friends know! We have vacancy!

have them IM me on aim/yim/skype: maxxypuppy for information. We have the room from thur night til monday morn!


Sun, May. 23rd, 2010, 05:11 am
Pup Play at Paddles

It was so much fun! Oh my god.

Thanks to Ersis cuteykitty (my nickname for him... he's in my cell as that) for coming! true friend! :P teasing all others who didnt/couldnt make it! love you too, but him just a bit more (tonight anyway)

anywho, 4ish hours of pupping out straight. i cant wait to do it again!

*tail wiggles* mmmf


ps hope to get pics soon.

Sat, May. 22nd, 2010, 01:45 am
Room at AC?

I know its sort of short notice but does anyone know anyone with at least floor space for AC? i wanna go this year! hehe

let me know. hit me up aim/yim/skype: maxxypuppy



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